Food is Food 1 day Conference, 10th November 2020

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP – The Child with Food Anxiety
Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist), is an international speaker on the topic of feeding babies, toddlers and school age kids.

Micheala Harris, BA, PGDipDevStd – A parent’s experience of feeding issues and discussing the infant feeding journey.
Michaela Harris, BA, PGDipDevStd, is a passionate advocate for feeding therapy. Currently, Michaela is completing her PhD in Human Geography in health inequalities, looking at the positive and negative influences of the global breastfeeding policy.

Jennifer Lyons B.Sc – Feeding theory, practical tips and pitfalls
Jennifer is a Speech-Language and Feeding therapist. She opened The Mess Hall Feeding Clinic, Wellington in 2017

Emily Jones, Senior Professional Clinician/ Speech-Language Therapist,BApp Sci (SpPath), MSpchLangTher (Hons) – Mealtime snack and survival guide
Emily is a speech-language therapist and feeding therapist who enjoys working with babies, children and their families to help with feeding and communication difficulties. Emily has worked in many different hospitals, community clinics in New Zealand and overseas. She works part time at Massey University and runs the ACTIVE- eating food clinic.

Laurette Cummins, Nutrition Consultant / Registered Dietitian – Supporting Nutrition
Laurette is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian (NZRD) and a current member of the New Zealand Dietetic Association. 

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