Initial home visit (Approximately 1.5 hours)  $170 plus travel and G.S.T.
Travel will be quoted when an appointment is made. I do home visits in Wellington, Porirua, Upper Hutt and all areas in between. Maximum travel costs is $55.If you are outwith these areas please call me to discuss.

Clinic session/Follow up home visits $115 plus G.S.T.  (Face to face sessions average 50 minutes.) Price includes follow up phone call to discuss session. If your child has allergies you may be asked to supply your own food.
If you are bringing along another child (non feeding issues) an extra $10 will be charged.

Skype/Facetime consultation session  $170 for initial session / $100 for follow up plus G.S.T.

Report writing.  If you require a report, I can quote how long I anticipate it taking. I charge $100 plus G.S.T. per hour or part there of, (e.g. half an hour = $50 plus G.S.T.)

I am available for free information sessions (up to 30mins) for family doctorsmedical centers, psychologists, plunket etc. I also offer training sessions on feeding therapy ( why it happens, what to look for, what you can do) for groups of 5 or more. These can be for familes, day cares, kindergartens or schools. Please contact me for a quote.


If cancelled on the day a fee up to the full invoice cost can be charged

If cancelled the day before a fee up to 50% of invoice cost can be charged

If the therapist attends for a home visit and no-one is home, full price including travel will be charged.

If a block of therapy is booked and the family cancel the block within a week of it starting, one week of costs can be charged.

I understand illness occurs and would appreciate as much notice as possible if the session may be or is going to be cancelled. If your child has a stomach upset (vomiting or diarrhea) within 48 hours of the feeding session you must cancel. Feel free to call me if you are in any doubt.